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We heartily welcome to all of you to our website physiotips.in. In this website you get to know about Physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is a vague term to describe it. Physiotherapy means scientific engineer of the human body or healing hands. Physiotherapy is not about massage or yoga only, it works on many different conditions. It divides into many different fields such as orthopedic, neurology, cardiology, sports, manual, chiropractor, and many more.

Physiotherapy not only needs for outpatient but also for inpatient or ICU patients. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapist plays an important role in ICU or respiratory condition patient. Sports physiotherapist have a significant role in grounds by treating the patient on field. Every sports team has a physiotherapist with them to treat the players in field. Orthopedic physiotherapist plays role in orthopedic conditions, post operative rehabilitation, and postural problems. Neurological physiotherapist plays role in neurological problems in children, paralysis, behavioral problems and many more. There are different techniques which we use for treatment purpose. Every patient has different treatment protocol and every treatment protocol is not for every one.

There is a line which is used very often by physiotherapist is “A doctor can save a life but a physio can make thwm worth living”. So the doctor or surgeon can save the patient life or perform emergency operations but after that physiotherapist plays important role to make it worth for living normal. A successful surgery is done after proper rehabilitation of the patient.

In ICU, physio plays a wonderful role to save a patient life. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapist plays with the most sensitive part of the body i.e. lungs and heart. They have to work very cautiously and patiencely in ICU. In this website, you will get to know about many new and different things about physiotherapy.

Other than that many postural and daily routine problem also there such as neck pain, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, faulty posture, poor ergonomics and many more. Neck pain and back pain are the most common probelm which ever you see around you. 9 in 10 people suffered from neck and back pain. Many age related problems such as knee pain, balance problem, risk of fall, osteoarthritis, and many more.

In this website we will tell you about all those conditions which ever you have to face in everyday life and how to get rid of these problems. We will also tell you the treatment of common problems which you have at your home.

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