What is Hemophilia Symptoms

What is Hemophilia Symptoms: Hemophilia is an inherited blood disorder in which blood is not clotted properly. There are many types of hemophilia, but they all have low levels of clotting factor either VIII or factor IX. Hemophilia has many different symptoms which we discussed here.

There are three types of hemophilia:- 

  • Hemophilia A:- This is the most frequent type of hemophilia. When an individual gives a deficiency in factor VIII it is the root cause of hemophilia. It is also known as classic hemophilia.
  • Hemophilia B:- it occurs when factor IX is missing or severely deficient.
  • Hemophilia C:- It was first discovered in 1953. In this, an individual has severe bleeding after dental extraction. It is also known as factor XI deficiency.

Hemophilia Symptoms Causes

The main cause of hemophilia is inherited in the genes. According to this What is Hemophilia Symptoms blog It can transfer from one person to another through their genes? Males can have if they inherited an affected X chromosome, which means an effective gene transfer from their parents. On the other hand, women can also have hemophilia but it is very rare. One-third of the time, the firstborn baby was effective with it. 

Hemophilia can Result in:- 

  • Bleeding can occur within the joints and lead to chronic joint disease and pain.
  • Bleeding in the head and sometimes in the brain causes issues like paralysis and seizures.
  • If bleeding cannot be stopped it can lead to death also.


The symptoms of hemophilia depend on the severity of the patient’s condition. There is three level of hemophilia. Each has its own symptoms.

Symptoms for both A and B:- 

  • It includes bleeding after injury or surgery.
  • It includes heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Internal blood loss following childbirth.

Doctors may not diagnose the mild form symptoms until adulthood. In both cases A and B, severe bleeding only occurs after an injury.

Hemophilia C:-

It is considered a mild form. The symptoms and signs of this mild align with the mild cases of A and B.

The Center for disease control and prevention (CDC), According to this What is Hemophilia Symptoms blog is a government authority that notes that signs and symptoms of hemophilia include:- 

  • Bleeding into the joints
  • Bleed from the skin
  • Bleeding into the stool or urine
  • Very difficult to stop nosebleeds
  • Bleeding in gums or mouth

Hemophilia  A and B  are very common in males rather than females. Because males inherit the X chromosome. On the other hand, hemophilia C is an autosomally inherited form of the disease, which means it affects males and females equally. We can also say that it affects them biologically equally.

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